We can do this!

Hunger is not a disease. It is a situation. And it’s one we can fix!
Let’s work together to solve hunger in Kendall County!


Of all the things you can donate, money is still the most effective. For every $1 you donate, we use the buying power of Northern Illinois Food Bank to provide $8 worth of groceries to a neighbor in need.


We are grateful to our community for sponsoring food drives to support KCCFP.  Here are lists of high demand/impact items to choose from.  We accept donations at our 24/7 “Red Door” donation room. Bulk donations can be dropped off Mon-Fri 9am – Noon or call 630-553-0473 to make an appointment.

Senior Food Drive

Fruit cups
Pouches or cans of tuna or chicken
Boxes of tuna or chicken with crackers
Single serving size microwavable rice cups
Single serving size (microwave) soups
Single serving size mac n cheese
Single pack oatmeal boxes or cups
Mini cookie packs or cups
Hot cocoa packets
Single serving shelf stable milk cartons (chocolate and white)


Comfort Food Drive
Chili/Stew Seasoning (Dry mix)
Dried Potatoes (scalloped, mashed, etc.)
Rice Side Dish (Boxes or pouches)
Mac N Cheese
Canned Sloppy Joe
Baked Beans
Peanut Butter


Holiday Food Drive
Box of Au Gratin Potatoes
Can of Peaches / Pears
Can of Green Beans
Can of French Fried Onions
Bag or box of Sugar (no larger than 4 pound bag)
Bag of Flour (no larger than 5 pound bag)
Can of Yams (14-16 oz cans, not larger, please)
Box of chocolate pudding


Family Wellness Drive
Baby Tylenol
Low Dose Aspirin
Gas-X or Pepto
Cough Drops


Clean Home Drive
Cleaning spray or wipes
Small containers of Bleach
Window Cleaner
Laundry Detergent
Dish Soap
Toilet Cleaner
Paper Towels
Toilet Paper


Other Items

We’re grateful for new and gently used clothing, bedding, shoes, coats, and towels.   



If donating furniture or appliances please contact us and we will make your contact information available to our Clients.  Arrangements can be made for client pick up as we cannot accept drop-offs for these items.


We cannot take electronics such as computers, console TVs, or stereos.  These items may be dropped off at Yorkville’s Public Works Facility at 610 Tower Lane.

Around the Clock

We accept donations 24 hours a day.  If it’s after hours, use the red donation door, located on the front of the building, just left of the large dock doors. Donation receipts are available there.

Thank you for joining us in helping our neighbors!

We accept donations 24 hours-a-day through the red donation door, located on the front of the building, just left of the large dock doors.