Eleven Resources to Support Migrant Workers
Through Household Challenges


Many migrant workers encounter difficulties when it comes to managing finances and accessing services. But especially during the pandemic, resources are limited for immigrants whether they can continue working or not.

Kendall County Community Food Pantry presents some ways to discover local support and programs that benefit migrants.

Specialized Programs Help Families Get By

Migrant workers with families – particularly young children – are facing particularly stark outlooks. But many programs help workers and their families afford healthy food, pay rent, and more.

  • Families can qualify for Food and Nutrition Service programs like WIC, which offers vouchers for nutritious food that can help round out a family’s grocery budget.
  • Students can participate in youth programs that afford educational opportunities and provide meals, among other support.
  • egal actions taken by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) can help migrants remain in their rental homes amid coronavirus concerns.
  • Eligible children can receive school meals even while participating in distance learning.

Finding Legal and Financial Help

Being unable to work – or facing reduced income – can prove life-threatening for immigrants. Financial aid programs can help ease stress and cover household necessities.

  • Knowing exactly what to do when dealing with the possibility of deportation is essential information for every migrant worker.
  • This guide outlines which situations might necessitate migrant workers to work with an immigration attorney.
  • Migrant workers often rely on friends and relatives to assist them with translation, but hiring a professional translator is a smart choice for interviews and handling paperwork.
  • If you know a migrant worker who plans to start their own business in the future, they might be interested in learning how to form an Illinois LLC for their company.

Financial Aid May Help Fill Gaps

A garden lets you share food, but other changes are more subtle.

  • Immigrant response funds provide financial assistance to migrants who meet specific qualifications.
  • Programs by state can help migrants find local support in their areas.
  • Determining eligibility on a federal level can help migrants see whether they qualify for various support programs.

Migrant workers may be some of the hardest hit individuals during the pandemic. Even in the best of times, knowing what aid families and workers can qualify for can ease stress and help put immigrants on the path toward a safer and healthier home life.

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Content by Carrie Spencer, thespencersadventures.net