Each $1 = 8 food items!

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We can do this!

Hunger is not a disease. It is a situation. And it’s one we can fix!
Let’s work together to solve hunger in Kendall County!


Of all the things you can donate, money is still the most effective. For every $1 you donate, we use the buying power of Northern Illinois Food Bank to provide $8 worth of groceries to a neighbor in need.

Thank you for joining us in helping our neighbors!

Bednarcik Junior High

Boulder Hill Elementary

Churchill Elementary

Fox Chase Elementary

Grande Park Elementary

Homestead Elementary

Hunt Club Elementary

Lakewood Creek Elementary

Long Beach Elementary

Murphy Junior High

Old Post Elementary

Oswego East High School

Oswego High School

Plank Junior High

Prairie Point Elementary

Southbury Elementary

The Wheatlands Elementary

Thompson Junior High

Traughber Junior High

Wolf’s Crossing Elementary




SD308 All Others

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