This Is How a Home Garden Can Change Your Community


Starting a garden in your back yard might not seem like a significant step, but raising a garden can help you support your family, friends, community, and more. With that in mind, here are some important ways that a home garden creates impactful change.

A Vegetable Garden Offers Year-Round Nutrition

While the growing season may be short, there are ways for the whole community to use fruit and vegetables throughout the year.

Your Whole Family Can Get Involved

People of all ages can participate in tending a garden and sharing the results.

You’ll Make More Changes Than You See

A garden lets you share food, but other changes are more subtle.

  • Planting the right plants supports local pollinators, which reinforces local ecosystems.
  • Finding ways to share seeds means more people can eat better.
  • Gardening uses less water than a green lawn, so you’re helping save water, too.

Growing a garden is a small act that can spur significant changes. From saving money on your family’s grocery bill to helping neighbors eat better, there’s no shortage of positives that come from a backyard garden. All it takes is a few simple steps to get started growing.

Photo via Rawpixel

Content by Carrie Spencer,